Buki Collagen Collection at The Garden Room


At the uptown Austin Garden Room boutique, owner Patty Hoffpauir carefully curates each item that comes into her store. With over 35 years of experience running the Garden Room and a background in textiles, Patty is very discerning when it comes to her inventory. She focuses on high-quality pieces that are sustainable and easy to care for, seeking clothing that is stylish, comfortable and durable. In keeping with her passion for quality and continued interest in textiles, Patty stays up to date on new advances in textile technology by serving as a member of the Advisory Council at the University of Texas’ School of Human Ecology.

“There are lots of horizons for textiles,” Patty says. “In addition to UVA clothing, there is current research into infusing fibers with mosquito repellent and other innovations.”

When it comes to skin protection, most people are more familiar with these preventative and protective categories of clothing. But what if your clothing could not only protect your skin but repair it? Enter the Buki Collagen Collection, a new collection of luxury technical clothing and accessories that are infused with collagen. The Seattle-based brand, which specializes in high-tech fabrics, launched the first items in their new line earlier this year. All the items in the Buki Collagen Collection are crafted from fabric infused with collagen and have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 50.

The collection, which currently includes incredibly soft, wrinkle-resistant tees, a hoodie, a turtleneck, and a scarf and pillow cover, offers the perfect combination of protection and repair. Unlike other fabrics that claim to offer similar benefits, but feature fabrics that have been dipped or soaked in chemicals, the Buki Collagen Collection has marine collagen embedded into the fibers, which means it won’t break down or lose efficacy when washed.

“Clothing that can protect and help your skin is just the beginning of what’s ahead. When someone brought me this line, I was just fascinated. The collagen fabric really piqued my interest since the majority of my customers are concerned with boosting collagen,” Patty says.

Collagen is a protein that supports bones, connective tissue, and of course, skin. It naturally decreases with age, a concern for the clientele at the Garden Room, which is primarily composed of women over 40. The clothing in the Buki Collagen Collection moisturizes from the moment you put it on, promoting collagen production in the skin. Buki is currently the only brand using this state-of-the-art technology to create clothing with marine-sourced collagen embedded in the fibers. This technology results in fabric that is soft to the touch and moisturizes without leaving any sort of residue on the skin.

“The fabric is really luxurious and soft. It feels cool to the touch and has a little stretch, which is wonderful for keeping cool in the heat,” Patty says.

The current women’s line is made up of form fitting clothing that is meant to be layered and to easily transition between day and night activities. The items all have simple silhouettes that make them the perfect addition to any woman’s closet. As one of the first boutiques to carry the collection, Patty has the unique opportunity to provide feedback to Buki directly about the new items. She has already provided feedback on the fit of some of the shirts and looks forward to providing them more information directly from her customers.

“The current line is very classic and made up of great wardrobe staples. These will be the pieces you constantly reach for,” Patty says.

Clothing that goes beyond fashion is the future, according to Patty. For people who want to try out the Buki Collagen Collection, she recommends trying the Collagen Pillow Cover or the Collagen Scarf. The lightweight scarf is perfect for travel, or for layering even during Austin summer. The pillow cover is also lightweight and packable—an amazing way to repair and restore your skin while you sleep. Both items—and the others in the collection—feature collagen peptides that moisturize skin and function as a natural deodorizer. All of the items in the Collagen collection are also eco-friendly and sustainable and can be easily tossed in the washing machine. For Patty, sustainability is key when it comes to the future of textiles and clothing.

“I like sustainability and finding pieces that last. ‘Fast fashion’ is not the best use of our resources. Clothing that can protect and help your skin—like clothing with dyes infused in the threads—lasts longer.” Patty says.

For discerning customers interested in sustainable, comfortable clothing that both repairs and protects, the Buki Collagen Collection offers classic silhouettes that are an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Visit the Garden Room boutique in the Jefferson Square Shopping Center to check out the new Buki collection and explore the other items available, all carefully selected by Patty herself.

by Hannah Sears

Patty Hoffpauir