2019 Summer Wedding Style Tips for Mothers of the Bride (and Groom) and Guests

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Whether you’re throwing or attending a summer wedding, there are a few ways to make the most of June through August nuptials. Navigating high temperatures, outdoor locations, and multiple events can take some planning, and it doesn’t hurt to have some expert recommendations.  

This year the Garden Room celebrates 40 years of fabulous fashion and superb service, helmed by owner Patty Hoffpauir.

From downtown affairs to Hill Country shindigs, here are some of Hoffpauir’s tips for prepping for summer events:


Tip #1 - Keep it light

When it comes to selecting the proper day-of attire, wedding attendees should first consider the venue. Will it be all outdoors, indoors, or a combination? “Even if it’s all indoors, psychologically you have to dress to create a mood of cool,” Hoffpauir says.

In general, summer weddings can be less formal, especially if the main event is outdoors. Avoiding dark colors and opting for flowy fabrics can be helpful with regulating the temperature. “We have a lot of lightweight dresses from Komarov , Robin Kaplan, and Connie Roberson; those are always great,” Hoffpauir says.

Embracing a lightweight look can extend to the rehearsal dinner and any day-after events as well. For those events Hoffpauir says, “A beautiful pair of white linen pants or a white rayon dress pant with a beautiful blouse is always good.” She recommends adding a pair of heels and an interesting clutch bag to complete the outfit.  


Tip #2 - Stay Cool

Outside of outfit color, there are a few strategies to staying cool in the summer heat. First, dress length. “A lot of people are choosing tea length over long dresses,” Hoffpauir says. The tea length dress provides for some leg coverage, but allows for more air flow, and for outdoor weddings, won’t get caught in the grass.

The tea length dress can also be worn without additional hosiery. During summer avoiding panty hose and Spanx is a must. “Choose something that doesn’t require undergarments that add one more layer of heat,” Hoffpauir says.

While going sleeveless is an option, a pretty flutter sleeve can add a feeling of movement and help keep arms lightly covered. Likewise adding a sheer jacket or kimono can elegantly cover a dress without sleeves. “Any diaphanous fabric is always good,” Hoffpauir says, “It’s that atmosphere of lightness that we want to create.”


Tip #3 - Freshen Up

“Have you ever been someplace where it’s hot and somebody has on a lot of perfume?” Hoffpauir asks. Spraying on too much fragrance can be especially overpowering in the summer heat. If you do opt to wear a perfume, choose a light scent and apply it sparingly. Hoffpauir recommends selecting a perfume oil with just a hint of scent that can be applied by roller. A sure thing: No. 04 by Maison Louis Marie, with notes of sandalwood and cinnamon.


Tip #4 - Add Some Shine

“A light metallic shoe creates an atmosphere of air and lightness,” Hoffpauir says, “And with any dress you choose it’s always pretty.” Hoffpauir recommends an open-toe kitten heel with ankle strap from Pelle Moda. The slight one-inch heel offers a little lift but the overall look is almost like being barefoot. The shimmery suede shoe comes in silver, gold, and rose gold.  


Tip #5 - Embrace a Natural Look

When it comes to summer wedding hair and makeup, keep it simple and natural. Stay cool and elegant by limiting the hairspray and pinning hair up. “An updo is always good because it gets your hair off your neck,” Hoffpauir says. Minimal makeup can also help keep things light. “Edited makeup keeps it fresher and younger looking. Too much makeup is hot, and it runs.”   


Tip #6 - Consider a keepsake

A stylish keepsake can make for the perfect wedding day memory. A versatile handkerchief can work as a personalized bridal party gift, and is great for patting down perspiration (or a few tears). “We have some beautiful handkerchiefs that can be embroidered. That’s always a good gift,” Hoffpauir says, “It’s something that lasts, and you can always have it in your handbag.”



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